Words of Encouragement Prayer

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Prayer is an important means of communication between humans and God. Every human has a fortress or some form of security that protects him. Some people believe in magic, wizardry and various spiritual powers and beings.

If you don’t have any of these then where is your hope? In the following paragraphs let’s look at Words of Encouragement for Prayer.

In Times Of Joy

It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, prayer is necessary. If we achieve our dreams and life goes the way we want, we still need to thank God for all that.  He gave us the power to achieve and spared our lives especially when it seemed everybody else was losing hers. Various famous bigwigs’ people have inevitable lost their lives no matter how much they wished to live. Some of these are magicians, sorceress, billionaires who can afford anything they want on earth except life itself.

In Times Of Troubles

Prayer also plays a huge role in our lives in times of troubles. It is the time when we should come close to God. Some people however turn to other options for quick remedies. They may turn to dark forces for cover. This only complicates things than making them any easier. Sometimes God could be testing us. And God will never test you for something beyond your power. There is more than one reason for this. Check out Words of Encouragement Prayer for more comforting quotes.

God Is Alive

No matter what happens in your life, we should hold on very firm to God. God is alive, sovereign and almighty. Although it may sound like a normal statement to say there is nothing impossible with him.  That is very true. Just come to imagine someone powerful who created the universe failing to solve the simple problem you face.

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Of course I know how big it seems to you and how hard you have been praying but without outcomes. They may be reasons for this. Counselors sometimes says everything happens for a reason, sometimes for the better, sometimes so that you can learn essential life solving skills

In the bible we learn of a faithful servant of God by the name Job. This man suffered so severely and he was deserted by friends and his wife. He was at the verge of death but still he held on. This truly happened for a reason.

There are various examples for Words of Encouragement Prayer I can quote for you but you can read more verses at Christian words of encouragements


ü  Prayer is important for any human living on this earth.

ü  We should thank god in times of joy and appreciate the wisdom he has given us

ü  World famous moguls and millionaires have inevitably lost their lives, which is why we need to thank him for keeping us alive even if we do not pay him nothing

ü  Even in times of troubles we need to come close to God and pray he saves us, for he is alive, great , merciful and loving

ü  There could be reasons why you are undergoing the troubles and  tests we have experienced

Additional Information

We do not thank God for everything he has done for us. God has been faithful enough to keep you safe thus far. He is not about to leave you now, so you should not give up hope as well. Encourage yourself through prayer and know that God does answer prayer in its due time.

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