Words of Encouragement for a Troubled Marriage

troubled couple

Are you at the point where, “for better or worse”; has actually become for worse. Yes, those marriage vows that we say and never give much thought to. The following words of encouragement for a troubled marriage should be able to help restore some positivity into your relationship. This is one topic that has been widely written about, what you will find here though is a précis of all these ideas.

There are two things that need to be restored into your relationship if there is any chance of it working out at all. These are effective communication and honesty. As you can see that everything else clings on these very two items. If both of you or even either one of you is not willing to communicate or be honest then, it is a mammoth task that you have. So my first words of encouragement for a troubled marriage are that you should work at restoring these two things.

You can also make use of the material that is at  for some ideas on how you can go about this. You need to identify the problems that have caused things to reach the stage they have. Whilst a lot of counselors do not recommend assigning blame, someone must however take responsibility. There is no way a situation can just come up on its own. Be prepared to shoulder your part of the responsibility. These are words of encouragement for a troubled marriage that you would do well to remember.

One way of approaching your problem is to start all over on clean slate, like you are entering a new relationship except with the same person. The problem with trying to pick up the pieces from where you left off is that you can never pick all of them. You can read more material and words of encouragement for a troubled marriage at

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