Words of Encouragement for a Miscarriage

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 A miscarriage is something we never wish for, but it happens which is why words of encouragement for a miscarriage are a must whenever someone experiences such a tragic loss.
When you fall pregnant, you become overjoyed with the experience of being a mom soon. You never expect that exciting dream to be shattered by a miscarriage or any pregnancy complications.Read on to find comfort on your loss.

Getting To Understand a Loss

If you and your partner are still together, you can share the pain by being there for each other, I promise that this way, you would find yourself stress free and relieved within a short space of time. If your family or probably friends come to comfort you and say they understand your situation, you should try to show that you appreciate their sympathy, I’m sure they mean it.

Even if most of them might have not experienced such tragedies, I’m sure they do feel the pain in a way since they are going through it with you. The almighty wants us to accept all the things which happen without explanations in our lives.

Coming To Terms with the Situation

It’s true that you are at a loss. Some people won’t come to show their sympathy to you because they are either scared they would say something wrong or probably they just don’t have the words to comfort you. A miscarriage can hurt your feelings very badly and unrelaxed to the extent that you wouldn’t even be able to sleep. Try out the following tips so that you get to find some rest and relaxation.

  • Sleep at the same time you used to sleep before falling pregnant
  • Avoid drinking too much coffee or drinks with caffeine
  • Make it a point that the temperature of you bedroom is always moderate
  • Don’t eat a lot during supper
  • Avoid taking sleeping tablets and alcohol
  • Take a shower for relaxing purpose
  • Avoid sleeping where there is a lot of noise

If you have just experienced a miscarriage and are in need for words of encouragement for a miscarriage then you should rely on the closest people to you.

Start a New Page

If you have faith in the almighty and you do believe that everything and anything happens for a reason then you will be able to heal up your wounds soon. You shouldn’t give up on life, its okay to mourn the death of your unborn baby but at the same time you should know that life waits for no man. So basically a life without a purpose isn’t a life at all. I hope the above words of encouragement for a miscarriage were of great help to you.


  • If you can’t change a situation, you just have to live with it and move on.
  • Try to come to terms with the situation so that you move on soon.
  • Find closure from your close relatives and the people you love.
  • Try to keep yourself busy with books or any sorts of entertainment
We will never be able to explain the many incidents that we face in our daily lives. Tragedies are the most complicated things which happen and have no explanations. The best person though who could truly encourage you and see to it that you heal soon is your partner.
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