Words of Encouragement for a Grieving Friend


Are you someone that has just lost a loved one? Do you know of a person that has recently lost a dear one and are looking for encouraging words? In the following paragraphs you will find words of encouragement for a grieving friend.

When people lose their loved ones, they react differently.

Stages of grief

Since everyone grieves differently from the next person there are different stages of grief.

The words of encouragement for a grieving friend all depend on the stage of grief. The first stage of grief is denial. In this case the person is refusing to believe that the person is truly dead. Some get to the stage of being angry and try to put blame on others. This is the second stage of grief. The person will even go to the extent of pointing a finger to the person they believe is to blame. The third stage will be to bargain with God. They do this by promising God that if His brings the deceased person to life then they will be better people and even worship Him even more.

Mood swings are part of a grieving person. They are either depressed or always sad. The fifth and final stage is acceptance. After experiencing the above stages, the grieving person will reach a point where they accept the situation.

How to cope with grief

One of the words of encouragement for a grieving friend will be to tell them how sorry you are for their loss. You can also help support the person by being there for them whenever they need you. Helping them find support in other sectors can also help them cope with their grief. You can advice them to join support groups or to make use of a therapist. Another great advice will be to tell them to draw closer to God.

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Coping with grief will take a while. Recovery is a process and it will take time before you can actually think of your losses and not go through the first four stages above. You will come across things or even remember a few things that have a link with what you have lost.


  • Losing a dear one is one of the situations that can lead to grief.
  • Everyone one of us has different way in which they grieve. Some of us cry and some would rather bottle it up.
  • There are about 5 stages of grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.
  • Coping with grief may seem hard at first but is quite easy to learn to accept what has happened.
  • Finding a support group and talking to a therapist is the right path to recovery.
  • In all your grief, you should not wander away from God.