Words of Encouragement for a Funeral


Finding the right words to say to a bereaved family can be difficult sometimes. No matter how difficult it is though there is always something that you can say to comfort the family. There are very few of us who have not experienced a loss personally and I am sure you can recall some words of encouragement for a funeral that were said during your time of loss.

The Lord gives and the Lord takes, in as much as there is a sunrise there must be a sunset. The rejoicing over a birth will one day become the tears of loss. This is a journey that we must all travel and right now it is a journey our dearly departed has chosen. We cannot hold them back, we could not make them stay, and sadly all we can do is let them go. These are words of encouragement for a funeral that you can use.

You can also go to  You will find a number of popular prayers and well known words of encouragement for a funeral that you can reference with as well. One thing that you should bear in mind is that this is a time when the family is ready to hear and listen to any comforting words that anyone has to offer. You should be careful though and make yours honest and sincere.

There is nothing that comforts a bereaved family more than honest and sincere words. If you knew the departed personally you can even recall some of the great times you had with this person. You can reflect on some of the moments and occasion this person came through for you.

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Some of the best words of encouragement for a funeral are contained in eulogies and recollections of moments and times spent with this person. You can also go to  and check out some of the material that is here.