Best Thank You Messages & Quotes For Friends

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Why is saying ‘thank you’ considered so important? First of all, it’s not the words themselves that matter. It’s the meaning that’s important. We say thank you in many different situations like when someone is there when we need them, for special favors, etc. There are also the little things like when someone holds a door open, picks up something we dropped, or when we’re handed the change at a store. It may not seem like much but it’s never unwelcome.

This goes without saying but those expressions of gratitude become truly valuable when they are genuine. They lose their meaning when we reserve them only for those who are close to us or someone we want to impress. How many times have you felt resentful when someone did not say thank you to you? Did you feel like they didn’t care and took you or your favor for granted? These questions are all it takes to develop this small yet meaningful habit.

  • I am glad that the love in our friendship is not dependant on mood swings and bad hair days.

  • I am what I am because you stood by me when the world turned their back on me. I say a million thank you for your true friendship.

  • I cherish you and everything about you. Thank you for being there for me.

  • I don’t have any wishes in life. As long as I have friends like you, I’ve got it all.

  • I don’t know how I can say thank you to a friend who understands the all the things I never say and never says anything I don’t understand.

  • I never get ruffled even when I have troubles coming my way, because I know that you are just a phone call away. Thanks.

  • I owe you thanks for all the years you have been by my side.

  • I thank you for teaching me what it means to be who I am and hold my head up high.

  • I want to thank you for your love, patience and kindness in all things you say and do.

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Birthday Wishes For Sister

  • I want to thank you for your patience, kind heart, and loving attitude.

  • I would rather thank you right now and today for being such an amazing friend, rather than regret not having said these words to you after life’s journey comes to an end.

  • I would rather thank you time and again for being a wonderful friend in every way, than belittle our friendship by saying thanks only once a year on Friendship’s Day. Thank you.

  • Kindly receive my infinite gratitude for accepting my faults as part of my being. For your sincerity, thank you.

  • Life has its trying moments; for your trust, cordiality and unique support; I say a big thank you.

  • My happiness is centered around your love! Thank you for being the light of my life.

  • Saying thank you hardly seems enough after all you have done for us.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Friends

Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

  • Thank you for all that you’ve taught me.

  • Thank you for always being my best supporter.

  • Thank you for always making me feel like the crazy stories of my day are important.

  • Thank you for being a friend; you are truly a friend in need; a friend indeed.

  • Thank you for being by my side and helping me in times of need. I will always remain indebted to you.

  • Thank you for being by my side not just when success makes me a haughty snob, but also when failure makes be a lousy slob.

  • Thank you for being here, your presence is the solution.

  • Thank you for being the friend that I always wanted, needed and appreciated.

  • Thank you for bringing me into your family.

  • Thank you for everything you have done and know that you are loved by all of us.

  • Thank you for forgiving me for every time I haven’t been the best friend in the entire world.

  • Thank you for loving my family like you love your own.

  • Thank you for not judging me for my sometimes poor decision-making skills.

  • Thank you for offering me a friendship more valuable than gold itself.

  • Thank you for ordering pizza with me at any time of night.

  • Thank you for pouring large glasses of wine.

  • Thank you for respecting my values and opinions, even if you disagree.

  • Thank you for showing me what it means to lift my head and smile again.

  • Thank you for staying by my side, sharing my hopes and dreams, and just being you.

  • Thank you for your love, generosity and well wishes. They are greatly appreciated.

  • Thank you so very much. You have made my day that much brighter just being you.

  • Thanks for being such a fantastic colleague. Office life has become much more fun with you around. Thanks for being there.

  • Thanks for knowing exactly when to tell me what I want to hear, when I want to hear it the most.

  • The gift of a family is incomparable. You are the source of my strength and sustenance, thank you for your devotion, moral support and loyalty.

  • We are truly Best Friends Forever because I can’t remember when our friendship began and I know it will never end. Thanks.

  • You deserve more than just a thank you. Know that you are in my heart now and forever.

  • You live through my challenges and ensure that I live better. Thank you for being you.

  • You may have limited resources, but you do have an unlimited appetite for giving.

  • Your friendship was the medicine that revived me on my sick bed; for standing by me when my strength failed me. Thank you.

How we choose to express gratitude is totally up to us as long as it comes from the heart. Little things can be thanked for with two magic words and a smile, but some things deserve way more than that. At times like those, it’s important to really focus on making the person feel appreciated. Some people have a way with words, some choose to buy presents, take the person to a fancy restaurant, and even thank you messages will do the job. This simple courtesy and everyday etiquette may not seem like much and costs nothing but thank you messages have the power to motivate people and make them feel appreciated and as a result, happy. After all, isn’t that what the world needs? So when it comes to saying those words which will only take a moment, a little goes a long way.

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Thank you messages are most effective when they have a personal touch to them. That means, it’s better if you let your emotions materialize into words than copy and send something you found on the internet. This is because Google or anybody else does not know how exactly you feel or what you’re thanking someone for. Of course, you could borrow ideas but it would be wise to personalize them. Also, it would be great if you mention what you are thanking someone for.  For example, “Thank you for always being such a good listener”, or “Thank you for being my shoulder to cry on” send clear messages of appreciation.

So thank you messages are always a good thing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small or big favor, if the person you’re thanking doesn’t seem to care about being thanked or if you’re not sure how to do it. All that matter is you send a few words you genuinely mean their way and believe that those little words should be used more often.