Spiritual Words of Encouragement for Women

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We all need encouraging words once in a while and women are no exception. The following paragraphs will highlight on the spiritual words of encouragement for women. There are no better words to encourage you than those that come from the scripture.

I personally believe that there is no better source of comfort than the bible itself.  Read through some verses that others have found a source of strength and work your way out of your situtation.

When things don’t go your way

Usually when things are not going our way, we ask ourselves if God really is there. We tend to forget that it is situations like these that test our faith. It has been said that faith can move mountains and if you don’t have any then you might as well start believing in the things that matter so little to you.

There are plenty of spiritual words of encouragement for women that are found in the bible. The bible gives us a list of inspirational women of prayer, who never gave up nor questioned God. There is a lot that you can learn from these women. Elizabeth is one of the women that stand out. In a country where barrenness was frowned upon, she never complained but stuck to God side knowing that one day He will meet her needs.

You may possibly be going through a rough patch in your life and are in need of guidance. Another one could possibly be ill and has given up hope of ever coming out of the illness alive. Do remember that by his stripes we were healed and that He will never leave nor forsake us. Mark9:12 says anything is possible if you have faith. Remember that with every challenge we go through, it is a test to our faith. Words of encouragement are essential to  help us renew our strength.

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When God is at work

The bible states that we need to cast our burdens unto Him. There is no big or small problem with Him. You need to trust Him at all times. It may seem He is not listening or that He is taking long to provide answers. Truth is; He is there and working towards bettering you. You may be experiencing financial problems in your life and may feel that life isn’t treating you fairly.

In all that you are going through remember that  nothing is impossible with Him. Whatever the situation you are going through; He will never let you down. He is a great God and we, as the body of Christ, need to trust in Him.

Through prayer seek the comfort that only He could bring.  The bible says, in Isaiah 66:13, I will comfort you as a mother comforts her child. Many times we blame God for the things that happen in our lives. We experience the hatred of our enemies and think God is at play. In all the things that happen in our lives, we tend to forget that the word says that He will remove all our curses and throw them to our enemies and those that hate and persecute us. I believe these spiritual words of encouragement for women will help in bringing you closer to your creator.


Ø  God works in wonders. You may feel He is not listening to your prayers when He is actually paving your way at that point time.

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Ø  There are situations that test our faith and we need to always remember that He is there for us at all times.

Ø  God works in a mysterious way; you never know when He is preparing your good fortune.

Ø  No problem is too big or too small for our God.

Additional Information

Remember to always read the bible as this is the only way you can communicate with God. You should also make it a point to fellowship with other brethren as well. This is one simple way you can build and strengthen yourself when you surround yourself with people who care.

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