Proverbs Words of Encouragement

black cup with proverb

Are you a Christian who wishes to be devoted to God by living by his holy word. Here are proverbs words of encouragement .Well you are right on target as this article is brief and straight to the point at the same time offers some of the most essential proverbs.

Remember the lord in your youth

Proverbs are very essential for a young health full of life like you. At most times proverbs words of encouragement are meant for the youth than the older ones. It would be wise of you, an energetic lad like you to pay extra attention to them. The sections that follow are in simpler form which is suitable for you

Avoid evil companionship

Another popular proverb teaches young and curious sons like you to avoid mixing themselves with people who do evil. It goes on to say that a good character gets spoiled easily. I love these proverbs words of encouragement because they help a young son like you to live a decent and a model life in society just like I grew.

Respect your parents

One of the most important and popular proverb is the one that says respect your parents so that your days on earth will multiply. There is more truth in this proverb my son. I still remember some of the disobedient youth we grew up with. Now they are no more. One got shot and died in an armed robbery. Well I don’t intend to scare you but just sharing with you some of my experiences.

I hope these proverbs words of encouragement have done you a lot of good and increased a healthy moral of a young son like you. For more related articles that I also hope could be of great help to you check sites like wow4u.com  or proverb.com.

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