60 Thinking Of Motivational Sick Friend Quotes

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Words cannot explain the void that one’s heart has or what one has to endure due to the sickness of a friend. All you want to do is bring comfort and a smile to get them through.

Friends do not need to feel neglected when they are ill. You need to be there for them to uplift their spirits in order for them to stay strong, pull through and recover from the illness or.

We have made a selection of sick friend quotes that will help you send well wishes and ‘get better’ messages to show that you love and care about them.

Thinking Of You Quotes For A Sick Friend

Make your loved one feel special and supported during such a hard time in the hospital. Let them know that you are there and want them to get better soon. Take a look at our quotes for a sick friend to help you.

  1. “It’s just not fair that you’re ill. I can’t wait to see you back on your feet again, but for now, let us know if there is anything we can do. We’re all thinking of you and wishing you a quick recovery.

    60 Thinking Of You Motivational Sick Friend Quotes

  2. “I hate it that you are ill. You are superman/superwoman in everything you do, so where does that leave the rest of us mere mortals? I am sending energy and happy thoughts your way. Please continue to take care of yourself and get well soon.

  3. “The best thing you can do is to not rush your recovery. Rest, save your energy and you’ll feel better in no time. I’m thinking of you every day and sending you lots of hugs and virtual chicken soup!

  4. “There’s nothing worse for a fast-moving person like you than getting stopped in his/her tracks with an illness. I am so sorry this happened. It may take time, but you are fierce, and you’ve got this. In the meantime, let me know what you need. To talk? A medicine or grocery delivery? Or a zero-calorie chocolate cake? I’ve got your back, my friend. I am hoping for your speedy recovery.

  5. “However hard it gets, just remember that you have a lot of people pulling for you to get through this. I hope you find strength in knowing we are here for you, and that you will soon be better. Please get well soon.

    60 Thinking Of You Motivational Sick Friend Quotes

  6. “Chicken soup, groceries, carting the kids around – just let me know how I can help. You need some time to rest and focus on kicking this illness. I’m a text away. Get well soon, my friend.

  7. “I don’t know why bad things happen to good people, but we’ll beat this together. Thinking of you and sending you all my love. I hope you get better soon, and in the meantime, please let me know if there is some way I can help. Sending you lots of hugs.

  8. “I really hope you’ll get well soon. I miss your smiles and laughter very much. Thinking of you every day and sending you lots of hugs. Rest and get well, my friend.

  9. “I hope you’re recovering from this awful illness. I really miss you and I want to let you know that you’re always in my thoughts. Take good care of yourself and get well soon.

  10. “I’m so sorry you fell ill. Let me know if you would like to talk or if it would be okay for me to drop off a little care package to ease the boredom. I hope you’re better in no time. Get well soon.

    60 Thinking Of You Motivational Sick Friend Quotes

  11. “Your friendship means the world to me, and I hate knowing that you’re not well. I hope you recover soon so we can get back to taking on the world together!

  12. “One of the worst things about being ill is that you’re the only one who feels the misery. If I could take some of the agony off your shoulders and bear it for you, I would. As it is, all I can do is remind you that you’re not alone and that I’m rooting for you. Get well soon.

  13. “I was so sorry to learn that you’re ill as it pains me to think of your smile turning upside down. If there’s anything I can do to put a smile on your face or make your recovery any easier, please let me know. I’m here for you, my friend.

  14. “The days of an illness can all blend into one. May today be set apart by loving wishes of good health from a dear friend who misses you. You’ll get through this, I’m sure!

  15. “Sometimes life knocks us out for a bit and reminds us that we are not invincible. Fortunately, it also shows us how resilient and strong we are. To speed up your recovery, I’m sending you a supportive bundle of strength gathered from all your friends. We’re looking forward to seeing you on your feet again.

  16. “Sending you the warmest rays of sunshine to bring light into your life while you are ill. You’re in my thoughts and I wish you a speedy recovery. Get well soon.

    60 Thinking Of You Motivational Sick Friend Quotes

  17. “Here’s a challenge: get well as soon as you can because we’re planning your welcome back celebration right now! Thinking of you and missing you a lot.

  18. “I know you’re strong, but everyone can use a little help from their friends. I am going to call you in a couple of days and see what I can get delivered to you. Hang in there.

  19. “Thinking about you every day. Let me know when I can come to visit you, okay? I really miss you. Take care of yourself and get well soon.

  20. “Our friendship means so much to me. I hope you feel better today than you did yesterday and continue to improve with each day. I am thinking of you and sending you warm wishes for energy and a quick recovery.

    60 Thinking Of You Motivational Sick Friend Quotes

Comforting Quotes For A Sick Friend

Is your friend feeling a little under the weather, injured, or severe illness? They need your support and inspirational words to fight. Use the list of quotes for friends who are sick below to comfort and motivate.

  1. “Your never know how much they care until you are under the weather.” – C. Kohler

  2. “The best of healers is good cheer” – Pindus

  3. “The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love” – Hubert Humphrey

  4. “The treatment is really a cooperative of a trinity – the patient, the doctor and the inner doctor” – Ralph Bircher

  5. “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional” – M. Kathleen Casey

    60 Thinking Of You Motivational Sick Friend Quotes

  6. “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

  7. “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift; that’s why they call it the present” – Eleanor Roosevelt

  8. “Fear knocked on my door.. I opened it and there was nobody there”– Unknown

  9. “It isn’t always easy, but when you’re not feeling well – hope it helps to know others are thinking of you – and hoping that you’ll be better very soon. Take good care of yourself” –Unknown

  10. “It is never too late to live happily ever after” – Unknown

    60 Thinking Of You Motivational Sick Friend Quotes

  11. “Tough times don’t last, tough people do.” – Anonymous

  12. “A bowl of warmth, a soft face, a new day. Some get-well thoughts sent your way. Feel better soon-M.N

  13. “Be strong because things will get better. It may be stormy now, but it never rains forever.” – Anonymous

  14. “Little flowers are blooming and telling you to get well soon, so listen to them!

  15. “Look outside – the sun is shining and spurring you on to get well!

    60 Thinking Of You Motivational Sick Friend Quotes

  16. “Just remember how everyone is looking forward to seeing you well again

  17. “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” – Charles R. Swendoll

  18. “We know you will overcome this kind of situation. There is nothing we ever wanted right now, but your healing and fast recovery. Get better soon!

  19. “You do not have to feel alone and hopeless. I am here for you!

  20. “Recovery is hard work – but you’re not alone. Not a day goes by that you aren’t thought of and wished well.

    60 Thinking Of You Motivational Sick Friend Quotes

Encouraging Quotes For Sick Friend

Illness tends to not just affect the body alone but also affects the mood or mind. You get stressed because it interrupts your daily routine and puts a strain on those that depend on you.

Uplift and motivate your friend’s spirit with these encouraging sick friend quotes

  1. “Healthy or not, we appreciate you and you keep being equally important to us, do not get depressed because the best way to deal with a disease is taking good spirits.”

  2. “The discomforts that you have they all will end up if you follow your doctor’s instructions, do not despair, that bad things will happen.”

  3. “We all want to be healthy always, but that’s impossible. Rest and do not worry about other things, the most important thing now is to get better.”

  4. “You have to see things with a positive attitude, these days you will forget you daily tasks and rest. You will see that when you get better you will want to continue to rest.”

  5. “Just be patient, this malaise that ails you will go away, then you will be with a smile on your face.”

    60 Thinking Of You Motivational Sick Friend Quotes

  6. “You have defeated major illness; so get no doubt this will happen easily. Always remember that to recover two things are necessary: Medication and good attitude. Get some courage, my friend. “

  7. “We all get sick at any time, but remember that you have to relax so you can recover. Remember that positive emotions influence the body.”

  8. “Facing an illness does not have to be a tragedy, the body sometimes discomfort, but with some treatment health come soon. Heal you soon.”

  9. “Be optimistic, begin thinking that everything will happen and you will soon regain your health. Do not let your mind decays, I wish you have luck!”

  10. “If you smile you will see that you will get better soon. Keep in mind that this disease is one more in your life. Fight and win.”

    60 Thinking Of You Motivational Sick Friend Quotes

  11. “There are diseases that last a long time, others take less but the important thing is to never give up. Get well.”

  12. “If you are facing a disease do not feel bad, physical pain can be uncomfortable but the joy of our spirit can overcome. You’re going to recover and all these will keep in your memory just as a bad time.”

  13. “It pains me to note that sadness is reflected by your eyes, I wish I can encourage you, do not lose faith. We can’t prevent disease, but we can avoid getting depressed. You will heal soon.”

  14. “We hope that you would like these messages of encouragement for a delicate person. Keep in mind that we can support a sick person expressing a word of optimism.

  15. “You have always been a brave person, you know that this disease is going to heal very soon, just do not forget to take care and wish yourself to have a speedy recovery.”

    60 Thinking Of You Motivational Sick Friend Quotes

  16. “Do not be sad because that will not help you to get better soon, but rather think of how much we love you, you are so good that you will heal very fast. “

  17. “I send all my positive energy for your disease to heal right away, you know that sometimes God puts us some obstacles for us to get over more strength tests in life and value life, remember that we are with you because you are someone special. “

  18. “Do not forget you are not alone, I am here to help you with anything you need, remember that the disease sometimes brings sadness, but you are so glad that you will achieve that nothing overshadow your happiness, we wish you a speedy recovery. “

  19. “You have to be calm and serene, you know you will be fine soon, this is just a bad time in your life in which we are all here to support you and we are sure your speedy recovery and smiling. “

  20. “Sure, this is not the life you had planned, but you should greet this new life that is happening to you now with open arms! Who knows what is waiting for you after all of this? It’s exciting.”

We do hope that our collection of sick friend quotes were of great help in uplifting your friends and helping them heal better. We are always here for you for the best encouragement words of all time. Stay Alert.

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