Joel Osteen Words of Encouragement


Perhaps you have lost hope and interest in life in such a way that you think of the dead as the people with real peace and rest. Pause for a minute or two and consider Joel Osteen words of encouragement in the short but inspiring article that follows

Joel Osteen is popular and a very famous powerful man of God. He has dedicated his life to the word of God. So serious about it that he has written books and articles that have helped scores of people out of their miseries. One of the books he has written include one entitled ‘It’s your time’. Well I would love to know more about this man of God but not in this page. I have only brought with me his great words of inspiration.

Where there is life there is hope

If you have lost interest and pleasure of living such that you consider the dead as the ones with utmost peace, then together lets go through these powerful words, which I’m pretty much sure will do some difference in your life. The pastor said the fact that you are alive means that God has stored you for a good purpose.

Perhaps your are a future millionaire, a bishop, a minister who knows? God has probably stored that for you so that you live to tell others. Just like most men of God would now and again testify the wonders that God did for them. Most of them began in great misery and suffering more or less like you.

Not only is this man of God concerned about people in general, but he goes on to the extent of helping inmates recover their hope and self esteem. He reminds them that God can restore them back to their previous form before they were messed up no matter how terrible they are. These are really Joel Osteen words of encouragement.

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I hope these selected Joel Osteen words of encouragement have indeed been of great help and you will continue reading articles from the sites that I will give you. Some of these are joelosteen.com  and prisontalk.com.