Wishing someone well is something we all are accustomed to. Some of us may be of the opinion that well wishes are not as useful or strong as prayer but it will let people know that we want something good for them, and that we mean well. And I believe that even though those words don’t make something good happen immediately, we don’t have a reason to not wish someone. This is because our wishes send positive vibes and may be able to make someone happy. Most of us end our letters or emails with “Best Wishes” or “Regards”, which is a habit we don’t even think about. It is courtesy and of course, courtesy is a very good thing. But what if there is something more to it? “Have a good day”, “I hope you have an amazing day!”, Bless you”, are all well wishes. Depending on the instance, they have different meanings like respect, admiration, love, kindness or other positive feelings.

And then there are certain days when we feel like it is a necessity to send out well wishes. Birthdays, weddings and New Year’s Eve, are a few. A lot of people exchange kind words on days like those. But since each person, knowingly or unknowingly,  is expressing their personal love or kindness, each of those wishes are important and should mean something to the person at the other end. A kid throwing a birthday party and inviting people on a list he/she made is looking forward to seeing all those people together and expecting to hear something nice from them. All that positivity will make that day a good one. Two people getting married may not need nice words from everyone to live a happy life but sending out well wishes to them on their big day will definitely make them feel like you care and may even help them feel more confident.  The same goes for a New Year’s Eve. It is when a lot of people are getting ready to start new, develop good habits, stick to resolutions and maybe even trying to forget some things in the past. We may or may not put much thought into it when we say things like “Hope you have an amazing year ahead!” but it still matters that we say it because it is simply a nice thing to do.

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