woman praying

Over the years when people have lost hope they have found it in the faith. Faith words of encouragement are some of most transforming words for any kind of situation. Faith and hope are two words that are often confused together. Faith involves a confidence and a conviction in something and hope has to do with expectation. Where there is faith there will always be hope but someone can hopeful and yet faithless.

Since I have pointed out that faith has to do with confidence and conviction in something. As Christians we have our conviction and confidence firmly rooted in God. That is the attitude that you have, believe that you serve a God that is able. There is nothing that is too difficult or impossible for him to accomplish. Whatever you are going through right now, he is above it all. Those are faith words of encouragement that you should carry around with you all the time.

There is so much material that has been written on how you can sustain your faith and keep going. If down the road you ever find that you need some support you can always go to homewithgod.com. You will also be able to pick up some good faith words of encouragement from here as well.

A lot of people tend to think that with pure faith there is no room for doubts. What I can say to you is that where faith is doubt will always be there too. It is just that faith is able to see beyond doubt and focus on God. That is the kind of faith you should have, the one that can see past all your circumstances and see God.

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There is never a time when you can say you have enough faith. You need to nurture it and make it grow. You can also check out pbc.org for some faith words of encouragement that you will carry with you wherever you go.