Encouragement words about how to become a Christian

holy bible
One of the greatest thing to have ever happened to mankind is the coming of Jesus Christ more than 2000 years ago to reunite man back to God.

He came as a lamb of sacrifice to die for the sins of mankind.  He came to restore the perfect plan of God – to create a man after His own likeness to rule and subdue the earth. Okay, what the heck have we just said!

Most people are aware that Jesus died for our sins but a few know how to become a Christian. Some religious sectors have made it such as big deal so much so people are starting to doubt the effectiveness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you want to know how to become a Christian, well the answer is a no brainier. Simply confess with your mouth that Jesus is King, that he came to earth to die for your sins and on the 3rd day he rose and he now sits by the right hand side of God the father in heaven.

That’s it! The rest will follow.

Most often you will not instantly feel anything after you have said those words. It will still feel like nothing has changed – like you were just speaking to yourself but believe me after you say those words with meaning something miraculously happens.

For one you become born again and the blood of Jesus cleanses you from all your unrighteousness and can be called the son of God.

After you learn how to become a Christain and you actually make the decision to accept Jesus to be your Lord and personal savior, you will have to start changing the way you do things. The Holy bible states that the Holy Spirit shall lead you to all truth. You do not have to worry about what to do now as the Spirit of God will lead you.

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In simpler terms, you will know what is right or what is wrong and no one will have to tell you. The more you take heed to the small voice within you, the more you will learn to hear God speak to you.

One of the first things to do is tell your friends that you are now a born again Christian. They may ask you why become a Christian. Never try to prove the existence of God especially if you are still new in the Lord. They may outsmart you and cause your growing faith to be faint.

Simply testify about what has happened to your life. Tell them what you used to be and what you aren’t and what you are now. Tell them how that makes you feel and why you will continue with the life you have chosen. When they ask you why become a Christian, tell do not be too theoretical but simply share your own testimony about the goodness of God in your life.

You should then find yourself a local church where you can submit and attend services. Your Pastor should offer you some Christian council ling and guidance to help you grow in your walk with God.

You can then begin to search for your spiritual calling. As you read the bible and other literature you will begin to learn about how to become a Chrisitian in order to share with others, how to become a missionary, how to become a Christian minister and how Christian prayer and fasting works – how healing works.

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If you have a hard time saying the sinners’ prayer, then you can search for sites that offer prayer assistance and words of encouragement. You can call and make a prayer request and counseling.

Alternatively join our online community right here and share your needs and story. You will get responses from people who are willing to help (ignore the haters). By the way there are thousands of others who need help in areas where you are most able to offer advice e.g. work, relationships, death etc.. Join and start sharing – this is one of the major principles of becoming a Christian i.e. giving.

Remember that once you become a Chrstian, it is important to start praying for the lost souls to see the light. Pray for your children, spouse, colleagues and other loved ones to be curious about how to become a Christian and to actually take the initiative to be born again.