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Complete WooCommerce Tutorial for Creating an Online Store

Have a product you want to sell online? Want to start an online store, but don’t know where to start? Take it easy because you will get the most complete guide on how to create an online store in this WooCommerce tutorial.

Table of contents close
1 What Is WooCommerce?
2 Why Use WooCommerce?
2.1 1. Millions of Users Are Trusted
2.2 2. Compatible with WordPress
2.3 3. Guaranteed Security
2.4 4. Free
2.5 5. Easy to Use for Anyone
2.6 6. Provides a Large Choice of Themes
3 Ways to Install WooCommerce
3.1 1. Install and Activate WooCommerce
3.2 2. How to set up WooCommerce
3.2.1 Step 2.1. Page Settings
3.2.2 Step 2.2. Set Location
3.2.3 Step 2.3. Shipping and Tax
3.2.4 Step 2.4. Payment
3.3 3. Adding Products
3.3.1 – Product Categories
3.3.2 – Attribute
3.3.3 Product Types
3.4 4. Manage Products
3.5 5. Manage Orders
3.6 6. Adding Coupons
3.7 7. Manage Reports
3.8 8. Configuring Settings in WooCommerce
3.9 9. Check Online Store Status (System Status)
3.10 10. Changing the WooCommerce Theme
3.11 11. Installing WooCommerce Extensions
4 Conclusions
What is WooCommerce?
Before starting to make an online store using WooCommerce, it’s good to get to know the best plugins for this online store first. WooCommerce is a free online shop plugin from WordPress that allows you to create an online store from product display to payment without coding.

Why Use WooCommerce?
Actually there are various choices of online store plugins besides WooCommerce. However, WooCommerce is the best among plugins or other online store software. Here are the reasons why WooCommerce is the best plugin for your online store:

1. Millions of Users Are Trusted
WooCommerce has been trusted to be an online store platform by more than 59 million users worldwide. This means that WooCommerce has become an online store platform for 28 percent of online stores globally. The quality is not in doubt. Because as many as 21 percent of online stores that use WooCommerce made it into the Top 1 Million Sites.

2. Compatible with WordPress
WooCommerce is a plugin developed by WordPress directly. So you can easily install WooCommerce on your WordPress website simply by installing the WooCommerce plugin like installing other plugins.

3. Guaranteed Security
All online stores must convince their customers that the online store is a safe place to make purchases. If you use WooCommerce, you don’t need to worry about security. Because WooCommerce protects all transaction data that occurs in your online store from falling into the hands of third parties. So your customers can shop safely.

4. Free
One of the main advantages of WooCommerce compared to other online store platforms is that it is free. Basically WooCommerce provides its services free of charge to anyone. However, WooCommerce also provides several features that you must purchase if you want to use it.

5. Easy to Use Anyone
WooCommerce proves that making online shops difficult is just a myth. With WooCommerce, you can easily build an online store, from creating product displays, managing product categories, adding promotions and discounts, to making payment choices without needing to know coding at all.

6. Provides a Large Choice of Themes
Display certainly becomes important for all online stores, right? Each type of online shop has its own concept. The concept of online clothing stores for men is certainly different from the concept of online clothing stores for women. Likewise with the concept of an online bookstore certainly different from the concept of an online electronics shop. No need to worry because WooCommerce provides a wide selection of themes, both free and paid.


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