Christian Encouragement Words


Christianity is one of the oldest religions in the world. It has one of the highest followers world over and is not necessarily racial i.e. people of every race and nationality can become Christians with ease.

As such, Christian encouragement words are the most sort after words of encouragement because people believe they are “powered” by a supernatural being that has the ability to turn all situations around. Below we go over what makes Christian encouragement words different.

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Christianity is a religion of love

Christianity is professes love and peace. When Jesus came to die for people’s sins, he came as a lamb of sacrifice offered by His father in heaven. The father, our God, gave up His only begotten son for mankind to be reunited with Him in glory. With so much love inherent in Christianity, it makes sense therefore to believe that Christian encouragement words can truly heal the mind, soul and body.

We walk by faith and not by sight

Christian believes in things that are not seen. God is not seen but we believe he lives and watches over us everyday. The greatest authors of the bible stated that faith should be the corner stone of every person.

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For with faith we can call what is not to be, we can move mountains, stop the sun from shinning and raise people from the death. It is therefore easy to draw encouragement from Christianity because it states that if you believe, no matter the current situation, things can get better and become the way you want them to be.

The element of faith comes with the most effective tool for offering Christian encouragement words to any one in despair.

Christian encouragement is backed by prayer

One of the cornerstones for Christianity is prayer. In general terms, prayer is a way to speak to God the father who is in heaven. It is a way to tell God what we feel and to ask for what we need. With power praying, we can ask for certain things to change or to improve. Christian encouragement prayer can help a person feel at ease and protected by a superior being – God.

Taking some time to engage in power praying for a situation is a great way to draw encouragement to face a certain situation. The good thing is, anyone can pray – but for God to answer a prayer, a person must have a personal relationship with him first.

Chrisitan encouragement is backed by God the creator

Christian encouragement poems or words can be written as a plea to God to intervene in a situation. This is because God created mankind and like any manufacturer only He knows how to deal with a defect in human beings.

We have a comforter

When Jesus died for people’s sins, he brought them back to God. He purchased our salvation on Calvary. When he left for heaven he promised to leave people with a comforter, the Holy Spirit who dwells amongst us every day to offer comfort and guidance. At times Christian encouragement comes from knowing that the Holy Spirit is here to comfort you and because it is God in Spirit, then you have nothing to worry about.

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The Bible offers words of encouragement for every situation

The Holy Bible offers the best Christian words of encouragement, letters and even poems that you can use as a free Christian encouragement card . Take some time to read a few verses and you will be amazed at the Christian words of encouragement you will find.