Bible Verses Words of Encouragement


There’s really no need for a person to fork out money to get encouragement words. Unless off-course you are in real need of professional help, otherwise for the normal ups and downs that we all go through,

a word of encouragement is enough to get you through.  In the following paragraphs we will take a look at bible verses, words of encouragement. The bible contains a lot of words of encouragement that can be used during different situations.

Encouragement words for the wounded souls

In most cases we need bible verses, words of encouragement because we are hurt or lack direction. The word of God says “when you pray the Lord answers and will encourage you by giving you the strength that you need”. As a wounded soul you need to know that God will never leave you. You should also know that He is a God that is true to His word. When He says He is our shepherd, it means He will care for us in all times and situations. If you are faithful to Him, He will always be by your side.

Sometimes we go through trying times; we experience situations that test our faith. Since we are human we get wounded during the test, especially if the test comes in the form of man. It is in those times when we need to drawer closer to Him so that He can heal our wounded soul.

Hard times will always be there

For as long as we live on this planet earth we will encounter difficult times and you will need to be encouraged. One of my best verses when it comes to difficult times is found in the book of Psalms 138:7 where it says “in the midst of trouble the Lord shall stretch his hand against the anger of my foes and with his right hand I shall be saved”.

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For me those are some of best encouragement words that I’ve come across. What usually happens when we go through difficult situations is that we will seek for comfort and a shoulder to cry on and forget that God has already given us his shoulders to cry on, as per the scripture.

Anyone that faces challenges in their lives can be motivated with the bible verses words of encouragement. The verses do not only focus on Christians but to anyone that needs to be encouraged. Though the question will remain if you not a Christian will you ever own a bible? One thing good about the bible is that it will give out all the good and the bad things teachings.  Another verse that you can read is from 2Thessalonians2:16-17


·    There are times in life when you need to be encouraged you can make use of the bible to get bible verses words of encouragement.

·     Mark chapter 6, when God was in the boat with his disciples and there was a storm he said do not be afraid take courage.

·    For as long as you are still breathing there will be days when you face challenges and you will need to be encouraged.

·    When we go through difficult situations we seek people that will encourage us forgetting that the Lord is always waiting for us to come to him.

·     Anyone that goes through hard times can use the bible verses words of encouragement it should not necessarily be a Christian.

Additional Information

Psalms 25:16-18 the bible says that we must turn ourselves to the Lord. I believe that to our heavenly father we like infants. So every time we go through a hard time we should turn our back to him. When he sees us crying he gets touched just as an earthly father gets touched when he sees his child cry. But there are times when God will let go through those difficult situations in order for us to change for the better.

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