50 Of The Best Happy Birthday Quotes and Happy Birthday Wishes



Sending birthday wishes has become a necessary tradition these days. It can be difficult to find the perfect birthday wish for a special boy or girl with so many options. Do not insist on what to write on a birthday card. Personalize your birthday with a carefully chosen birthday. Whether you’re looking for a greeting to make someone laugh or a moving tear, these birthday quotes are a great place to start. A true birthday wish will surely make anyone’s day. This year, say “Happy birthday!” With a few words that no one will forget in our life.

50 Birthday Quotes For Your Mother, Father, Sister, Son, And Daughter


When someone close and dear turns to your heart for another year, you’ll want to do everything possible to make your day more memorable. Whether you are organizing a birthday party, cocktail or planning dinner at your favorite restaurant of honor, it is customary to give the guest of honor a happy birthday card. As if the choice of the card was not difficult enough, in addition, you will also have to present a happy birthday message.

When you sit with an empty greeting card in front of you, don’t be surprised if you can’t put the pen on paper. Many of us have a book block issue when we sit down to write a birthday card greeting, especially for people we love the most. Of course, the honored birthday honors the extent of your love and appreciation, but it does not hurt to remind them that day.

The following Christmas quotes will be the best addition to your birthday cards for family and friends. Go to any related section below:

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Inspirational Birthday


Another year and another reason to celebrate! Give your birthday card message a touch of the future with one of these inspiring Christmas quotes.

  • “Tell your life with a smile, not with tears. Count your age to friends, not for years. Merry Christmas!”
  • “Happy birthday! I wish all your wishes and dreams come true at the day.
  • “You can wish you a wish for your birthday, what you can ask for, what you are looking for, and what you want can be done for your birthday and always. Happy birthday!”
  • “Merry Christmas, your life is about to accelerate and fly to the stratosphere – wear your seatbelt and enjoy the trip – Merry Christmas!”
  • “This anniversary, I wish you a lot of happiness and love and pray for you. I hope that all your dreams come true and be lucky to visit you today. Happy birthday to one of the nicest people I’ve met.”
  • “I hope you enjoy the greatest joys of life and endless happiness, after all, you are a gift to earth, so they deserve the best.” Merry Christmas. “
  • “Don’t count the candles … Look at the lights they give. Don’t count the years but the life you live. Have a great time in the future. Merry Christmas.”
  • “Forget the past, wait for the future, because the best things have not yet been achieved.”
  • “Anniversary is a new beginning, a new beginning and an opportunity to pursue new efforts with new goals. Progress with confidence and courage. You are a very special person. Today and all your days may be incredible!
  • “Your birthday is the first day of year and another 365-day trip. Be the main thread of fine textiles in the world to make this year the best ever. Enjoy the trip.”
  • “Be happy, today is the day you entered this world to be a blessing and inspiration to the people around you, you are a wonderful person, let them make you more than birthdays to fulfill all your dreams!”


Funny Happy Birthday Poetry


Whatever your card receiver does, adding happy birthday quotes to your messages is a bit sweet. If you are writing a birthday card message for mom or your sister, be sure to use any of these feelings for her good fortune.

Happy Birthday phrases for mom
Hint: Write a greeting for your little birthday. That way, he or she can read at a young age! Wow!

  • “I wish you a happy day and a happy year. Happy Birthday!”
  • “Send you a smile for every moment of your special day … Have a great time and a very happy birthday!”
  • “I hope your special day brings everything you want! We wish you a wonderful day! Happy Birthday!”
  • “On her birthday, we want everything in her life to be better or better than her. Happy Birthday!”
  • “Sending you a bouquet of happiness … Happy birthday to you!”
  • “I wish you a beautiful day with good health and happiness forever. Happy Birthday!”
  • “This is one of my smiles … one day you wish the same happiness and happiness that brought me. Happy birthday!”
  • “On this wonderful day, I wish you all the best of life! Happy birthday!”
  • “I will not be with you to celebrate your special day with you, but I want you to know that I am thinking of you and wish you a happy birthday.”
  • “I wish you all the best. Happy Birthday!”
  • “Many years ago, on that day, God decided to send an angel to earth. An angel was touched my life and it happened! Happy birthday my dear angel!
  • “I send you very happy birthday to all my loved ones. Happy birthday!”
  • “Happy Birthday, good and true friends, old and new friends, how lucky you are and how happy you are! “
  • “A simple party, a gathering of friends. I wish you great happiness and happiness here that never ends.”
  • “It’s always a pleasure to wish someone a happy birthday.”
  • “Happy birthday to a best friend of mine. In the second year, we risk laughing at our jokes and keeping ourselves serious! I love you and happy birthday!”
  • “On this special day, I make a toast to you and your life. Happy birthday.”
  • “You look younger now! Happy Birthday!”
  • “Your friend is more precious than the most beautiful diamonds. You are not only strong and wise but also kind and generous. Your birthday is a great opportunity to tell you how much I care about your life and How thankful. Happy. Happy Birthday! “
  • “I hope that today, during your night, you will celebrate your best birthday with dances and other songs.”

This is a good place to put birthday quotes, but don’t think that you should stick to what’s written here. Make the feeling even more private through a joke or a special moment between you and the birthday boy. Sending a sincere birthday card with good intentions can make a difference on a big day. Make them feel special with the slightest birthday wish! Also, before leaving, feel free to use these birthday quotes for the card. You can print them on decoration supplies, hang them at a party, use them for an invitation to a birthday party or customize. Get ready to celebrate!


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