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Funny Belated Birthday Wishes

Best Funny Belated Birthday Wishes : Happy Belated Birthday [new list]

“The most waited of all days is one without laughter” is a famous quote by E. E. Cummings. I could not agree more. Laughing...
Happy Belated Birthday

Best Belated Birthday Wishes 2017 : Happy Belated Birthday [new list]

Every person on earth has a birthday but not everybody celebrates it. And yet, we never let them go unnoticed. Even those of us...
Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband

Best Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband 2017 [updated list]

If a wedding was worth celebrating, aren’t anniversaries? A wedding anniversary marks how a couple has grown together, grown closer, accepted each other, compromised...
wedding anniversary wishes for wife

Best Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Wife 2017 [updated list]

Wedding anniversaries are perfect to rekindle that spark. It’s a chance for married couples to take a break from the pressure and routine of...
Thank You Messages

Best Thank You Messages & Quotes For Friends : Thank You Friend

Why is saying ‘thank you’ considered so important? First of all, it’s not the words themselves that matter. It’s the meaning that’s important. We...
Happy Birthday My Love

Best Romantic Birthday Wishes : Happy Birthday My Love [2017]

Birthdays are perfect days to do something romantic for your partner. Having someone to talk to no matter what you are going through, to...
Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

Best Happy Birthday Wishes For Best Friend : Happy Birthday Friend

Whatever we do, we should never forget our best friend’s birthday. They deserve a lot more than just saying “Happy Birthday, friend”, and googling...
funny birthday wishes For Friends

Best Funny Birthday Wishes For Friends : Happy Birthday Friend [2017]

Friends are those special people who can make you laugh till your stomach hurts. I think that is the best thing about having them...
Birthday Wishes For Sister

Best Happy Birthday Wishes For Sister : Happy Birthday Sister [ 2017]

Sisters are our friends within the family. They have been where we are, seen what we have seen and felt what we have felt....
birthday wishes for dad

Best Happy Birthday Wishes For Dad : Happy Birthday Dad [2017]

Growing up, a father plays a huge role in the lives of his kids. Our fathers protect us, guide us, provide us with whatever...